Dreamcatcher Peacewheel
Peace Demonstration
March 17, 2007


I don’t do this part of art too often, but for those interested in buying anything here, I can make archival prints of all works. Each one is hand made and printed on acid free artist papers using archival designed printers, and then finished with pencils and/or oil pastels; inks, and markers. Prints are @200.00 each, unframed. Prints of this size vary, but generally are 12” x 12-18”.

I can frame them but with added costs; anywhere from $100. – 200.00. Larger prints are available for approximately $300.

Paintings are all different prices, starting at $500. and going to $10,000.00 as I probably like it a lot. If you want it that bad, then there you go.

I’ve been doing art like forever and have honed my skills over the many years. As to art……..I am rocking it and really enjoy the process of making it.

Hope you enjoy what you see.

Stephen Frank Gary January 12, 2011


This site is made with the hope to convince all humans that war is obsolete. It is no longer an acceptable way to solve problems. Quit making excuses that we are helpless to do anything about it. You can do something about it. Use your imagination and put it to work!